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Co-creation of Applications

mHealth and Online Security

Movile aplications proposed and co-created with healthcare organisations.

Goo Medical is your best ally, solutions with higher chance of success because they have been proposed and developed side by side with healthcare organisations.

GooMedical By Hospital de Sant pau
Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona
Consorci Sanitari de Terrassa
Falk VL


Programación apps

App development


We bring you closer to mobile tech

IoT Medicina/salud

Internet of things (IoT)


Enciclopedia de salud


Falck Checklist app


Gestión equipos médicos

Time Care

Gestión equipos médicos


About us

Goo Medical is a subsidiary of Goo Apps. Our firm has become established as one of the national companies with the greatest growing potential in the subject of mobile applications for the medical industry: mHealth.

Our team of professionals works towards offering the latest innovative products with the highest quality, visual design and usability.

Thanks to co-creation, our developers will have an agile feedback and a better view of the needs.

Security is our priority

IT security and data protection are key in healthcare industry. Goo Medical offers you a fully secure service, keeping to the legal aspects. In order to achieve so, we rely only on the best partners.

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global Legal Data

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What are we doing?

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Goo Apps S.L. is carrying out the project of Design of brand image and products of the Goo Medical line of work, this action is subsidized by: